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A fine art printmaker, photographer and painter, Jennifer's work forms a nexus that explores the themes of cultural nostalgia, collective memory, societal change and urban development. Recently, Jennifer has been drawn to photogravure - the combination of photography and fine art printmaking, and is exhibited at PG Gallery from 4-15 June 2024 (links to PG website).

For Jennifer's first solo show: Monuments and Momentos Jennifer captures ancient monuments, epic landscapes and mementos of modern-day Egypt, Jordan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, immersing you in the beauty and granduer through the subtle lens of photogravure. View the works.

For over two decades, Jennifer has been fascinated with urban form and cityscapes, and her prints and paintings draw inspiration from her immersion in Melbourne's inner urban environment combined with insights gained from her Urban planning studies. These works capture the essence of a simpler time in Melbourne's history that is distinctly physical and analogue, a time before digitisation and globalisation invaded and evolved the cultural pulse of the city. 

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